What is a Cake pop you ask?
Cake Pops are a yummy sophisticated alternative to traditional desserts. Imagine a moist delectable cupcake combined with rich, luscious frosting, and rolled into a ball. Add a stick and you have a Cake Pop. Can't decide on a flavor? No problem! We will do our best to help meet your needs. Simply pick out a cake flavor, then choose the icing flavor. Choose between white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate. Then you can choose from a variety of toppings. The white chocolate can be customized to the color of your event. Traditional Cake pops look like a lollipop, however we usually serve ours with the stick on top. This allows for a flat bottom, which means they can stand on their own.
Your cake pops are made to order. That means we're baking them when once your order is placed. Always fresh, and never frozen! We only use fresh ingredients, including real butter, milk, flour, sugar, and eggs! You can relax knowing Miss Sprinkles will give your special day the attention it deserves!
Cake pop prices start at $2.25 each and up, depending on the design complexity. Each gourmet cake pop is carefully handmade from start to finish in a 7-step process. The more creative selections will incur an additional charge.  Further pricing will be provided at time of order.

Bride and Groom Cake pop:$3.00 each

Baby Cake pop:$2.75 each
​Basic Cake pop: $2.25  Includes any colored Chocolate drizzle. Choose 1-2 colors. Choose type of cake: chocolate, yellow, white, red velvet, spice or carrot. Next, choose the flavor of icing: chocolate, vanilla, buttercream, or cream cheese icing. Last, choose color of candy coating.                                               

Additional Toppings: $.25-.50 These include sprinkles, nonpareils, pearls, colorful sugars, fondant or sugar flowers, luster dust, hearts, flowers, nuts, chocolate chips, and many more.
If you want a specific topping, just ask. We will do our best to meet your request!    

Brownie Cake pop:$2.50. Choose between peanut butter or caramel fudge. These yummy treats are loaded down with toppings. Our brownie cake pops are served in a small paper liner with the stick on top. These stand on their own, meaning no special display needed.                                                                                              

Shaped Cake pops:$2.50. Choose between hearts or flowers.

Wedding Cake pops:
$3.50 each. Stunning 3 tier wedding cake.

Add a Custom Tag: $2.00 per dozen. We will customize your tags to your theme and colors of your event. Example; Happy 40th Birthday”, “It’s a girl!”,“Love is Sweet!”, ”Congratulations Ashley & Chad",etc.
•A minimum order of 2 dozen is required. One flavor per 2 dozen.
We ask that your order for cake pops be made at least 7-14 days.
•Add Individual wrap & twist tie: included per request no charge.
•Add a ribbon for $.10 each.

***Rent our Cake pop displays for $15 each / Diamond sticks: $7 per dozen***
***Receive a 10% Discount on orders of 200 or more Cake Pops***

Cake Pops 

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Apple and cherry Cake pops!!!