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Beth has been a Registered Nurse for 29 years. A graduate from Good Samaratin College. Although she was a dedicated nurse and mother, her hobbies included baking, party planning, and design. Candy has been a big part of their lives. Prior to opening her business, she was injured at work. After surgery and a long recovery, she is back in full force to fulfill her dream." Why is she called Miss Sprinkles?", you ask. Well it all started years ago. She loves to bake, that's no secret ! No matter where she shops, if she sees a new sprinkle, she has to buy it! She buys sprinkles from all over the world. She has too many to count. So everyone calls her Miss Sprinkles because she loves sprinkles!

John Combs is often referred to as "Mr. Sprinkles". Always by his wife's side, he is her biggest fan. He has a Degree in Business Management from NKY and a Degree in Accounting from Mount St. Joseph.  He does anything and everything. He is also the muscle behind every design! Daughter,  Ashley is also very involved in the business. She single handedly took over while mom was out of commission. You will see her from time to time when she's not busy with her college classes.

Meet the Owners

John and Beth Combs have been married since 1987. They have 4 children of their own, and recently became liscensed foster parents.